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Chapter 806 Brightest Star

  • Nicole had done nothing out of the ordinary for the past few days. She did not meet Levant in secret, which was contrary to what Evan had suspected. Yet, John was still ordered to continue, in monitoring her whereabouts. Mr. Seet has a trust issue! Still, I'm rather curious as to why he has raised his suspicion to Mrs. Seet."
  • "Alright. Evan is currently in a meeting. I'll be waiting for him inside. You don't have to inform him of my arrival. I'd just dropped by casually."
  • "Noted, Mrs. Seet." John nodded politely.
  • As soon as she entered the office, Nicole sat in the president's seat. Her eyes scanned the desk drawers as she began to speculate.
  • If there is to be a gift in one of the drawers, where would he keep it?
  • After a long silence, John questioned, "Mrs. Seet, would you like to have a cup of tea?"
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