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Chapter 805 Watch Over

  • Laying on the bed, drops of clear liquid flowed into Nicole's blood vessels through the tube. There was a burst of irritation in her heart as Susan's words replayed in her mind. Confusion and suspicion swirled within her.
  • This can't be real, right? If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it, even if she would tell me that he had rehearsed a scene with her, going as far as to hug her. Nonetheless, it happened right before my two eyes, all while I was unable to stop it. What if he actually prepared a gift for her?
  • She froze for a bit with such thoughts crossing her mind. Nevertheless, she convinced herself not to overthink things. After the treatment, she would head to his office to see it for herself.
  • At noon, the quadruplets returned for their lunch. Hence, Nicole took the opportunity to ask Juan to fill her in about the lock picking basics; he was a professional in that area. Hence, she had a plan to check out the drawer in Evan's office in the afternoon. Seeing as such, Juan's knowledge would be put to good use if it were truly locked.
  • Juan threw her a curious look. "Mommy, why are you asking me about this so suddenly?"
  • Nicole contemplated on his words for a while before she lied. "I'm afraid that I may lose my keys one day, getting myself trapped outside. That's why I'm asking you to teach me now. Will you teach Mommy how to do it?"
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