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Chapter 803 Impress

  • Most of the production team surmised that Susan's relationship with Mr. Seet was more than they had played it out to be. They figured that she was someone who had a strong background; someone who was not to be messed with.
  • Susan handed the script over to Evan happily. "You don't have to change. We just can rehearse the script as it is. Here are the lines. Please have a look at them."
  • Evan gazed toward Nicole's direction, only to find that she was sitting comfortably in a wooden chair, in a posture that seemed to indicate that she was waiting to watch his rehearsal scene.
  • She has a big heart indeed! If our roles were reversed, I would never have allowed her to act in a romantic scene with another man. Still, I never expected her to have the mood to watch. It seems like I'll have to give it my all to make it enjoyable for her.
  • Truth be told, Nicole had a high fever at that point. She had no energy to stand, so she found herself a place to rest.
  • Had it not been for her current body condition, she would not have allowed anyone to push her around.
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