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Chapter 802 Rehearsal

  • During their journey, Nicole prayed for her condition to be stabilized in her heart. Please don't let the fever return again! Susan is a difficult woman. If it strikes again, I won't have the strength to stand up against her.
  • Nicole's brows were furrowed just as Evan turned his gaze toward her. At that, Evan assumed that something was bothering her. After a long silence in the car, he asked her abruptly, "What are you thinking of?"
  • Nicole regained her senses at his question and replied in a soft and weak voice, "Nothing."
  • Evan frowned at her answer. She doesn't look well to me at all. There is obviously something that is bothering her! Why is she keeping silent? Does this have anything to do with Levant?
  • Evan turned to stare at her with doubt in his heart.
  • At that moment, Nicole bowed her head with a melancholic expression, as though she was unwilling to pay him any heed. Evan found that to be an unpleasant sight as an icy expression soon took over his arrogant demeanor.
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