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Chapter 800 Silent Treatment

  • “You should take a break. It’s getting late.”
  • Evan raised his head and stared at Nicole silently.What’s wrong with him? He’s not behaving like his usual self.She felt uncomfortable due to his odd behavior. Suddenly, she started sneezing again.
  • Eventually, she got increasingly cold and decided to neglect Evan’s odd attitude for the time being because she needed to tuck herself in and get herself warm.
  • Once she had made up her mind, she brought herself back to their bedroom. As soon as she tucked herself in, Evan opened the door and made his way into the room.
  • He brought a set of pajamas into the bathroom and took a bath. After he walked out of the bathroom, he joined her in bed, sleeping by her side. Within a few minutes, he started sleeping soundly.
  • Listening to his steady breath, she turned around and took a peek at the man by her side. Engulfed by her emotions, she started weeping in the middle of the night.Evan! How could you do this to me? Perhaps we won’t get to sleep with one another anymore after a few days! Do you know how I’m feeling as of now?I’m cold, Evan! It’s freezing!
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