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Chapter 80 The Boss Requested Them

  • I should be fine as long as I deal with him like I always do, right? At worst, I will just act dumb and get through it.
  • Nicole dove into her job after coming to that conclusion. She was focused, and her beautiful fingers danced endlessly on the keyboard while her gaze was stuck on the document from A Nation. She got a hang of it rather quickly.
  • She was perfect when she focused on the job.
  • About an hour later, she translated both documents. She stretched a little and massaged her neck before she printed the documents out as requested.
  • The crucial moment and most difficult task came after that. Her anxiety spread from the deepest core of her heart. She was about to go face Evan, and her heart thumped in an uneven rhythm.
  • She walked to the director’s office and hesitated for three seconds before she took a deep breath and knocked on the door.
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