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Chapter 799 Keep An Eye On Her

  • We’ll spend the remaining time together and create as many memories as possible! Even if we have to be separated in the future, I’ll hold on to the precious memories we have!
  • Nicole felt a strong urge to figure out the thing that Evan was up to at the very moment that the particular thought had crossed her mind. Thus, she sneaked her way over to the study room.
  • Inside the study room, Evan was in the middle of something; he had his eyes glued to the computer in front of him.
  • I suppose that he’s still having a hard time because of Seet Group’s crisis.
  • She contemplated for a few seconds. In the end, she made her way in and asked, “Evan, are you busy? When are you getting off of work?”
  • “It’s going to take me some time to have everything sorted out! You should go to bed ahead of me.” Evan raised his head and stared at her, finishing his sentence in a callous tone.
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