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Chapter 792 To Love Or To Be Loved

  • She heaved a sigh of despair and asked, “Nicole, should I marry a man who loves me wholeheartedly or should I marry a man whom I love wholeheartedly?”
  • Nicole was at a loss for words.
  • Nicole wasn’t sure if she were in the position to poke her nose into Sheila’s relationship with others because it would indirectly impact the latter’s life for the upcoming decades.
  • Thus, she decided to think about it in a serious manner instead of blurting out the things that she had in her mind.
  • “Sheila, I have heard this advice from my friends back in the day. You should exercise your judgment and decide if it suits you. If you decide to get married to a man who loves you wholeheartedly, you have to ensure that he doesn’t mind being the substitute of the man that you have in your mind. A man who loves you wholeheartedly will tolerate everything that may seem irrational about you. Therefore, if he isn’t feeling unfair or holding a grudge against you due to the relationship that you have with another man, you should get married to him.”
  • Nicole continued, “If you have decided to get married to a man whom you love, you need to observe if he feels guilty for not reciprocating the affection that you have for him. You should get married to him if he does because it means that he’s a man capable of self-restraint.”
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