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Chapter 789 Banishment

  • As he showed no signs of conceding defeat, Sophia made herself clear and forbade him from procuring the aid of others, including Evan. As long as she was conscious of the presence of a third party, she would void her promise.
  • Without a second thought, Davin nodded and handed over the things that had been bestowed upon him by the family. Staring at Sophia and Evan, he asked rhetorically, “I don’t have anything else with me. Is it necessary for me to leave my phone behind?”
  • “You’re allowed to keep your phone and I’ll let you spend another night at home. You will be banished from home tomorrow.”
  • “Alright! That’s a deal!”
  • After they came to a unanimous agreement, Davin dashed upstairs, rushing into the study room, as he started to plan his ambitious scheme for the upcoming three months.
  • Sophia warned Evan and Nicole to stay out of Davin’s way. She forbade them from helping her insolent son because she had wanted to teach him a lesson.
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