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Chapter 788 The Incapable Son

  • Davin couldn’t believe his ears. Immediately, he turned around and looked at Nicole. “Nicole, you know that he’s lying, right? The roses—”
  • “The bouquets of roses that you’ve delivered to Sheila are gorgeous! It suits her perfectly!”
  • What’s wrong with this lovey-dovey duo? I can’t believe that they’re playing along with one another! It seems like I can’t rely on them to prove my innocence! I’ll have to confront the children once they’re back!
  • He was caught up in his thoughts, but Sophia’s warning snapped him out of a state of reverie. “Davin, it doesn’t matter who’s the one behind the bouquets or roses! What matters the most is the wedding ceremony! We need to revert back to the Muir family!”
  • “Mom! How can you proceed to hold a wedding ceremony when I have no intention to get married? Aren’t you afraid that I will run away?”
  • Sophia sized her son up and warned him, “I’ll announce that you’re no longer a member of the Seet family and my son if you’d dare to run away! I’m pretty sure that none of your so-called friends will help you if you’re a nobody!”
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