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Chapter 787 The Wedding Ceremony

  • Grinning in a vicious manner, Susan departed as she made her way over to the set.
  • Evan, who was caught up with work, received a call from Sophia.
  • “Mom, what’s wrong?”
  • “Evan, the Muir family wants Sheila and Davin to get married as soon as possible. Can you and Nicole get married ahead of them? Perhaps the both of you can get married on the same day? I need to get your opinion, as well as Nicole’s on this matter. Is it alright for you to make a trip back so that we can discuss this in person?”
  • “Why is the Muir family in such a hurry?” Evan was surprised.
  • Heaving out a sigh, Sophia explained, “Patrick was the one who had shown up with a bunch of rose bouquets. He had said that since Davin couldn’t wait to get married to Sheila, he had decided to do them a favor and fulfill his wishes. Thus, we can’t delay the wedding ceremony anymore.”
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