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Chapter 785 Mysteries

  • Nicole knew that Evan would want her to fill him in with the details. However, she couldn’t tell him the truth since Levant had threatened her with her father’s safety. Fortunately, she had come prepared.
  • “Lately, things have been great on my end. I have headed out for a meal with my assistant for a simple celebration. What about you? Why do you seem to be having a hard time lately? Is it because of your company?”
  • Evan nodded and denoted, “It’s not a big deal. I have everything under control.”
  • Nicole was silent at this.
  • Liar!
  • Even though Nicole had seen right through his lie, she was conscious that it was a white lie because he was worried that she would be concerned. Hence, she decided to stop poking her nose into his business. “Where are the little ones?”
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