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Chapter 777 Period Dramas

  • With an indifferent tone, Evan muttered, “You can be straightforward. There’s no need for us to speak privately.”
  • Susan shot a glimpse at Nicole and hesitated. A while later, she turned to gaze at Evan with sincerity in her eyes.
  • “Evan, when I was burnt while saving you, you’d promised me that you would give me something in return. Back then, I’d asked you to marry me. I’m aware that you like Ms. Lane, so we’ll dismiss the wedding. Can you promise me something else?”
  • Susan was aware that threatening Evan with death was no longer useful, in terms of getting Evan to fall in love with her. Thus, she chose to take a strategic retreat in order to advance in her plan.
  • Evan remained silent.
  • Nicole carefully mulled over Susan’s words. Does this mean that she doesn’t want to marry Evan anymore? Or does she have something else lying in store for us?
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