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Chapter 774 Clinic

  • After settling Lane Corporation’s matters, Evan drove to Nicole’s clinic.
  • Business at the clinic was still as miserable as ever. The two acupuncturists who Nicole had hired had spent most of their time chatting during the daytime.
  • When they saw Evan, they thought that he was one of their potential patients. With a half-hearted tone, they soon uttered, “Are you feeling unwell? Where should I take a look at?”
  • Evan glanced at the two lazy-looking acupuncturists and asked, “Is there no one at the clinic most of the time?”
  • Irritated, they responded, “Can’t you see it for yourself? Why are you still asking us about it?”
  • “That’s right. Do you want an acupuncture session or not? If not, buzz off.”
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