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Chapter 770 Lunch Delivery

  • Susan was unruffled by her words as she sorrowfully asked, “Ms. Muir, can you lend me the bouquet of roses for a while?”
  • “What for?”
  • “I’d like to take a look at it. I want to experience what it feels like, to have received a large bouquet of roses.”
  • Sheila nearly rolled her eyes at Susan’s words. “This is Davin’s gift for me. Why should I allow you to experience it?”
  • After a pause, she continued, “Susan, as a woman, let me give you some advice. You should look for someone who loves you and is willing to treasure you. Spend your days with that person instead of trying to ruin someone else’s happiness. If you keep this up, you’ll never be happy.”
  • Unhappy, Susan shot a glare at her. “Ms. Muir, haven’t you heard that once love begins, there’s no end to it? From the moment that I’d seen Evan, I’d known that he was the one. I won’t fall in love with anyone other than him! I can only be happy while I’m with him!”
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