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Chapter 77 Test

  • Nicole sneered back after being looked down on like that. “A test? That’s nothing. Women like me can pass easily,” replied Nicole as she crossed her arms confidently.
  • John watched the show from the side. He had never seen anyone being that rude to the renowned Mr. Seet before.
  • Huh... This is getting interesting.
  • Evan assumed that Nicole was just lying through her teeth, so he turned to Sophia and said, “Then it’s settled, mom. I will only let her stay if she does well in the test.”
  • Sophia got up and walked to Nicole and asked if Nicole were sure she could do it.
  • Nicole analyzed the situation. If Evan deliberately made things difficult for her and mock her regardless of whether her answer was right or wrong, then she had no shot. However, in a fair game, Nicole was confident that she could do it.
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