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Chapter 767 Dear Brother

  • “Why should I be afraid of her? She’s being rather shameless with her clinginess. I’ve recorded some notes of my interactions with her. You can use my notes when you need to deal with her next time. I’ve tried them, and I’m certain that they’ll be rather useful to you.”
  • Nicole was at a loss for words.
  • At long last, Nicole reached out to pinch Sheila’s cheeks. “I can deal with her without your notes. Nonetheless, thank you anyway.”
  • “There’s no need for your thanks.” At that, Sheila blinked and grinned at her. “If you’d really like to thank me, you can lend me your children.”
  • Nicole stared at her while raising a brow in question. What is she going to do with the children?
  • Hearing her silence, Sheila added, “If you don’t want to lend me four, three is fine too.”
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