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Chapter 762 Another Death Threat

  • Sheila came back to the ward in fear and trepidation. “What happened? I just got into the car when Mr. Seet called me. Didn’t he stay back to take care of you? Did you ask him to leave? What’s going on?”
  • Nicole fell silent.
  • “How silly are you to keep rejecting happiness? Aren’t you worried that you might actually lose him for good?”
  • Nicole looked at Sheila blankly and said, “Evan wanted to start over with me. He said he’ll sort things out with Susan.”
  • Sheila was over the moon. “Oh really? That’s awesome. I have long felt that the stumbling block should be removed. Only when the both of you reunite, your four children can have a complete, happy family.”
  • As soon as she said that, Sheila noticed Nicole’s troubled look. Her eyes were laced with sorrow and concern. She tapped her shoulder. “What’s wrong? You aren’t happy about this?”
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