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Chapter 761 Let Us Start Over

  • Breaking up once and for all is the best solution for all parties.
  • Nicole was resolute and unswerving.
  • Yet, behind the scenes, she had gone through many sleepless nights and emotional breakdowns. She would go through all of his photos, talked to herself, and suppressed the strong urge to call him. Her perseverance won over her desperate moments, but the heartbreaking process was unbearable.
  • I know that Evan has no feelings for Susan but he did make a decision when I lost my memory. He chose her. He chose to sacrifice his freedom to marry and repay his debt of gratitude. Then, I shall respect his decision.
  • Sheila sighed. “I don’t want to see you regret this decision, be it a few years or decades from now.”
  • Nicole looked at her. “Well, the fact is that he has chosen Susan over me. If he thinks that this is the decision he can live with, then why should I regret mine? Do you expect me to cry and beg him to leave Susan? To dump her for me? I’m not Susan, I can’t do this.”
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