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Chapter 757 Reminiscing

  • Nicole took a glance at the dish then glared at Evan with a straight face.
  • “Mr. Seet, everything about me has got nothing to do with you, be it any daily affairs or life and death matters. You don’t have to do this. By the way, please don’t intervene in my business as well as any happenings at the clinic. You can leave this dish with me now and go.”
  • Evan was quiet.
  • I didn’t expect her to be so heartless. She seems very firm in her decision to cut ties with me.
  • He then rebutted with a white lie, “Don’t be so full of yourself. I just don’t want my children to suffer under your care. Hence, I’m trying to take care of you, for their sake. If your company goes bankrupt and the clinic is not doing well, I’m worried that my children will starve. Who knows if you’ll sell them off for money?”
  • Nicole could not answer him back.
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