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Chapter 755 Lies

  • Davin fell silent for a moment. “So are you saying that Susan isn’t a liar? Then, what she said earlier about you hitting her and pushing her was all true?”
  • Nicole paused mid-stride and exclaimed, “Bulls**t! She was lying!”
  • “Exactly. Since you know that she’s a liar, how can you believe her words over my brother’s?”
  • Nicole turned over his words in her head before snapping, “Both Susan and your brother love to lie. They’re perfect for each other!”
  • Then, she hastened her steps to leave. It was time to pick the four children up from kindergarten, so she was in a hurry.
  • Davin stared at her retreating figure and heaved a sigh. “The truth is right in front of you. So how can you still refuse believe it?”
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