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Chapter 747 No Pushover

  • To Nicole, those words were like the sound of nails scratching metal. It was obvious that Susan said all of that on purpose.
  • However, she was too lazy to give Susan the time of day.
  • She was just about to bring her children away when Nina, who was still in her arms, snorted derisively. She shot Susan a disdainful look and said, “Daddy wants you to give birth to a litter of piglets because he thinks you look like a pig. But maybe you won’t even be able to give birth to that many, because you’re worse than a pig! Even animals are better than you!”
  • Susan was dumbfounded and began to see Nina in a different light. She was more than shocked that this little girl was capable of saying such things.
  • She felt aggrieved to be given such treatment and retorted unhappily, “I saved you in Rose Garden once. How can you speak to me this way?”
  • “Saved me? Did you? It was obviously Daddy who jumped down to save me. You can’t even swim and you knew that jumping in would only make things worse. I think you were just acting in front of Daddy.”
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