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Chapter 741 Let Me Go

  • Nicole frowned. Did he leave that soon? She stopped for a while and listened. There was still no movement.
  • Did he really leave? At least he knew that was the right thing to do!
  • She shot a glance towards the door before picking up her pajamas and headed to the bathroom.
  • After her shower, she walked towards her soft comfortable bed while drying her hair.
  • Sitting on the bed, she picked up her phone and grumbled exasperatedly while looking through the headlines. “I should not have allowed Evan that a**hole to come and see the children. He was the one who caused today’s incident—just because he married another woman! How dare he show up here after doing such things to the children? Pfft! How shameless of him!”
  • The more she thought about it, the angrier she felt. “A**hole! Look at how I was scolded and insulted by so many random people who did not know the truth! I should have just beaten him up to release my frustration just now!”
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