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Chapter 739 This Is Not A Suitable Place For You

  • “......”
  • Nina glared at all the busybodies indignantly as she stood out with her fists clenched tightly. She roared at them, “What nonsense! My Mommy was not an abandoned woman. She is the daughter of a duke, and her status is a lot higher than Evan’s. There was absolutely no need for her to rely on him at all!”
  • “Say all those nonsense again, and my fist will find its way to you!” Juan glowered at the group when all he wanted to do was to beat them up.
  • “Hmph, look at the wild little bastards. Who are you to be so arrogant when your Daddy doesn’t even want you anymore?”
  • Juan sent them a flying kick which in turn sent all of them into hiding immediately.
  • While they avoided him, their mouths did not remain idle and continued scolding the children incessantly.
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