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Chapter 730 One Last Wish

  • Nicole was bewildered at Maya’s words.
  • Maya stayed with me for a year at the estate. Since she’s seven now, that means she was six when she was with me. She said their mother sewn it for her when she was about to turn six years old, which was about a year before she stayed with me. But didn’t Susan tell me their mother died several years ago in a car crash?
  • Mulling over that question, she concluded that someone must have deliberately told a white lie to Maya. They must have someone else sew it and tricked Maya into thinking her mother had done it.
  • Poor, poor child. It really must suck to lose their mother at such a young age. I’m sure Susan will treat them as her own.
  • Nicole pulled out a small packet of cheese from the hidden pocket. Tearing it open, she popped the snack into her mouth. Maya beamed at her brightly.
  • She reached out to pinch Maya’s plump cheeks playfully, her heart clenching in her chest.
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