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Chapter 723 Hazy Memories

  • Evan’s gratitude made Nicole feel a lot better. Things really had been hard in the past year.
  • “Your children are incredibly mischievous and cunning. It truly has been rather difficult to look after them. If you want to repay me then arrange for me to stay in a good hotel for the next few days.”
  • This isn’t an outrageous request at all for taking care of your kids for a year!
  • At this, Nina instantly piped up that she wanted to stay with Nicole. Beside her, Maya nodded as well.
  • Having always been a boy of few words, Kyle used his actions to express his intentions as he moved to stand beside Nicole.
  • Grinning slyly, Juan suggested, “It’s not comfortable to stay in a hotel at all! Daddy, is anyone living at Imperial Garden? Why don’t we all stay together at Imperial Garden?”
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