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Chapter 707 A Strange Lady

  • She swallowed her words back and looked at him firmly. “You’re very thoughtful. Please make sure nobody hurts me then.”
  • “Yes!” Evan stared at her in all seriousness.
  • Their eyes connected and Nicole found herself lost in his gaze. Her heartbeat sped up as blood gradually rushed towards her face.
  • Knowing that she was blushing, she quickly lowered her head and scolded herself silently. You have a fiancé, Nicole—one that you have pursued yourself. How could you fall for another man! Though you can’t deny that he’s really eye-catching, it’s wrong to feel like this! How did you end up in this mess? Don’t be this shameless, dear self!
  • Seeing that the both of them suddenly became quiet, John secretly pulled a face as he followed Mr. Seet and Mrs. Seet around the garden like a puppy.
  • He then let out a cough. “Mr. Seet, I have to use the washroom. Please take good care of Ms. Nicole.”
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