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Chapter 692 All Day Every Day

  • Nicole thought Evan was a loser who went under the knife to deceive women.
  • Naturally, Evan figured that she wouldn’t want to leave with him right now.
  • John suddenly spoke, “Sir Musgrave, why can’t you explain to Nicole about her relationship to Evan. They have four children together. I think it’s enough to convince her.”
  • Stephen widened his eyes. He knew he could not tell Nicole about Evan as it would be against the promise he made to Levant.
  • Also, there was no saying that Nicole would get cured if she followed Evan. Stephen figured it was safer for him to continue with the current arrangements he had with Levant.
  • After a moment of silence, he replied, “Nicole has absolutely zero recollection of her past. If I brought it up to her, she will definitely be stressed. She’s living quite a carefree life right now. I say just let her live the way she’s living now. Perhaps, she might wake up and remember everything one day.”
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