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Chapter 686 He Likes Her

  • Sylphiette was shaking like a leaf with her eyes full of horror, not knowing what Evan would do to her. However, thinking that she got Kyle and Juan’s promise to let her go, she managed to muster up the courage and walk past him.
  • Before she could take the third step, Evan suddenly kicked her right in the stomach.
  • John and the two little ones held their breath when they saw Sylphiette being flung away. The woman collapsed onto the ground, wincing in pain.
  • John smiled to himself. Mr. Seet is indeed ruthless and unmerciful as always!
  • “Evan Seet, your sons have promised to let me go!” Sylphiette’s face was pale as she bit the bullets and tried to reason with him.
  • Evan shot a death stare at her. “My sons have promised you such a thing, but I have not!” His voice was cold and icy.
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