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Chapter 685 Lucifer Is Here

  • Kyle turned his back to her, and the sound of running water soon rang out. He then turned around, zipping his pants while approaching Sylphiette with the cup of yellowish liquid. “Drink up! It’s my fresh pee! You can’t buy it anywhere!”
  • Sylphiette’s eyes became saucer-wide. How dare this little brat ask me to drink his pee?
  • “Come on! Have a sip!”
  • Sylphiette shook her head fervently.
  • “This is just the appetizer. You already can’t take it?”
  • Jack stroked the bridge of his nose, pinned Sylphiette down, and suggested, “Kyle, why don’t we just force it down her throat?” He then pulled the cloth out of her mouth.
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