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Chapter 654 A Plan

  • “They must have had this plan in the works for a long time. The moment the news of me being the murder suspect gets out, my beastly uncles are going to pounce. I definitely won’t be able to keep my position as president and they’ll grab that opportunity to swallow the Seet Group.”
  • Nicole thought for a second. “Isn’t the person behind all this aiming to expose everything? If it doesn’t get revealed to the public, then they’d have failed, right?”
  • Davin sighed. “Failed? They’re already using Lily to control me and slowly taking over the Seet Group.”
  • “Are you saying that Adam is behind all this?”
  • “It has to be him. He hasn’t revealed everything yet because he doesn’t have enough confidence that he can beat Uncle Ryan yet. He’d rather control the Seet Group through a puppet like me. Then, when the time is ripe, he’ll get rid of Uncle Ryan and then release the news. At that point, both Uncle Ryan and I will be done for, and the Seet Group will be his.”
  • Nicole fell into deep thought again. When she went to the Seet Group today, she did overhear Adam and Lisa trying to persuade John to transfer some projects under Adam’s name, but John refused and was scolded because of it.
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