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Chapter 649 Introducing Lily

  • Nicole analyzed the situation. If Adam really is using the escort to control Davin from the shadows, then there is no saying about how things would turn out later.
  • After all, Davin had gone crazy for that escort and went as far as clashing with his own mother, whom he feared and loved the most. Davin also called off his engagement to Sheila for that escort’s sake. It was the classic case of going head over heels in love with someone.
  • Under those circumstances, there was no certainty as to whom Davin would side in the end.
  • Evan couldn’t reveal himself to everyone just yet, and if Davin were to collude with Adam, Nicole’s shot at winning the battle would be slim.
  • Nicole thought long and hard before she cleared her throat and came up with a random excuse to get John to run some errands for her. The best course of action is to protect John by getting him out of here.
  • John didn’t understand Nicole’s intention until he saw the message she sent.
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