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Chapter 646 Nicknames

  • Maya tilted her head down in fear while rubbing her round and chubby hands. She didn’t say a word and sat there like an adorable, harmless baby.
  • Nina remained quiet as well. She had her head held high like she had nothing to do with today’s meeting.
  • Nicole thought that of her four children, Juan and Kyle were the naughtiest, so she calmed down after seeing the boys shake their heads.
  • She guessed that the teacher had asked to see her because the kids had skipped too many classes. I will probably be asked to help the kids study so they can catch up with the others.
  • The car arrived at the kindergarten soon after. Nicole hopped out of the car and followed the kids to their classroom.
  • Maya, however, struggled. Will Mommy be criticized? Should I warn her?
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