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Chapter 643 The Passing Of Levant

  • Nicole was delighted.
  • Stephen was familiar with the spots that Nicole targeted and understood that Levant was simply knocked out temporarily.
  • However, that was still a great opportunity for Stephen to fight back.
  • He stepped up and glared at the men surrounding them before announcing, “Levant is dead, and I will remain the duke and the master of this house. Those who dare to come after me will share the same fate as him!” The guards bought the lie. They turned to Levant, who was lying on the floor, and began weighing their options. Compared to staying loyal to a dead man, it was much more important to save themselves.
  • After turning to one another, the men knelt down simultaneously and admitted defeat. “Sir Musgrave,” greeted the men.
  • “Leave us,” ordered Stephen. The men backed out of the study room right away.
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