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Chapter 636 The Only Option

  • The children were taken to a room. As soon as they entered, the door was closed and a crisp click told them they were locked in.
  • Maya’s eyes glowed with terror. “I’m scared. I want Mommy!”
  • “Stay strong, Maya. Mommy and Daddy will come to rescue us,” promised Nina as she held Maya’s plump hand tightly.
  • Juan and Kyle examined the place. They were inside a room with three solid walls and one glass door that led to a balcony. Unfortunately, bodyguards had that glass door heavily guarded so that not even a bug could fly out without them noticing. It was virtually impossible for the kids to flee under those circumstances.
  • Kyle couldn’t figure out the motive so he asked his siblings, “Why do you think he brought us over?”
  • Juan sighed and guessed, “Maybe it’s because he likes Mommy and wants to force her into marrying him.”
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