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Chapter 629 That Fateful Day

  • However, knowing full well that he did not have the authority over his own love life, he decided to ignore all of Rosalie’s attempts to woo him at first.
  • Unfortunately, Rosalie had an iron resolve, and her efforts merely intensified.
  • Two months later, she finally decided that she had had enough, and she confronted him directly. “Stephen Musgrave! Just tell me if you’re interested in me or not!”
  • His truthful answer would have been ‘yes’, since all he could think about all day was how determined she was and how much he admired her for it.
  • Even so, he had no choice but to reject her, since he knew that there was no way his parents would approve of their marriage.
  • Devastated by his rejection, she spent the next few days cooped up in her own room before returning home.
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