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Chapter 618 Madly In Love

  • Daphne sniggered upon hearing that.
  • “Hold on. Do you seriously think I’m going after Nicole because of you? You’re overestimating your own appeal! I’m doing it to get her husband, who’s far more superior than you. Tsk... That’s why that Nicole has no feelings for you. If I’m in her shoes, I won’t pick you either!”
  • Levant was rendered speechless by her words.
  • Every syllable was like salt being rubbed on his wound. His fists clenched involuntarily.
  • After all that I’ve done, Daphne still fell for Evan? What’s so good about that man? In what way is he better than me?
  • Stephen took note of Levant’s reaction, convinced now that he did indeed develop genuine feelings for Nicole.
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