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Chapter 617 A Backfired Plan

  • Daphne practically spent two days sulking on her bed. Her emotions were laced with both anger and lingering feelings towards Hector.
  • She knew that he had other motives. But deep down, she still wanted to be with him despite everything. I’m seriously going crazy, she thought.
  • She tried to rationalize that she was feeling this way out of spite. It’s because I hate him! And because I want vengeance, I will make him fall in love with me intentionally and make him go through the same torture and betrayal I’ve felt.
  • But honestly, she knew her logic did not make sense. If she really hated him, she would have let things be a long time ago. All this rationalization was nothing but self-deceit.
  • The only truth that remained was that she still loved him.
  • She loved him so much that she had no qualms in taking drastic actions to eliminate her biggest rival, Nicole.
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