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Chapter 589 My Face Is Ruined

  • Daphne was furious. Heaving angrily, she screamed, “Skewered my foot! You jerk, you tortoise-head loser! Come out right now!”
  • “...”
  • The maids looked at each other in confusion. There was no one in the courtyard, so where had the mysterious voice come from?
  • With a murderous look on her face, Daphne ordered the maids to search the entire courtyard. However, the search turned up empty.
  • “Useless! The person is probably hiding out in the courtyard right now. Find him right now and make sure he turns up in front of me! I don’t care if you dig up the entire courtyard.”
  • As the maids searched around the courtyard for the mysterious intruder, Juan and Kyle snuck quietly into Daphne’s bathroom.
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