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Chapter 567 The Brilliant Plan

  • According to his plan, the round-shaped object would rolled away from the pavilion toward Daphne when she reached the area later.
  • As for himself, he would act like he only passed by the area by chance. When he spotted the rolling ball, he would lunge forward and stop it from hitting Daphne. Then, he would pretend to be injured because of the ball.
  • The final part of the plan, which was also the most crucial one, involved convincing her to seek help from her acupuncture master. In that way, Evan would be able to find out her master’s identity and to see whether he was Nicole’s biological father.
  • While waiting for Daphne the protagonist, he used the time to run through every step of his plan in his mind to familiarize with them.
  • He glanced at his watch and reckoned Daphne was on her way over to the garden.
  • Immediately, he hid himself somewhere off the beaten track.
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