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Chapter 55 The Swap

  • After a glance, Kyle ignored Sofie and her present.
  • “Did you not hear her, Kyle?” asked Evan as he stared at Kyle who remained silent and was showing them both that he had no intention of responding to Sofie.
  • “It’s okay, Evan. Kyle’s still just a boy. He can play with the toy later. I’ll send him to school now.”
  • Sofie reached out to pick Kyle up but he quickly evaded her and walked out with his schoolbag on his own.
  • Acting like it did not bother her at all, Sofie smiled as followed behind and left Hillside Villa.
  • In the car, Sofie sneered as she looked at Kyle, “It’s useless to go to your father. He saw how I treated you and how you responded. You can tell him whatever you want but it’s not going to make any difference. You think I want to send you to school and pick you up?”
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