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Chapter 533 DNA Tests

  • Nicole was well aware of what Levant was talking about. While she and Levant had drunk the same spiked wine, a watchful Evan had given her the antidote shortly after. She wasn’t sure what Levant did after that, nor did she care. After all, her only objective now was to get close to him and find out more about her past.
  • Hearing her say this, Levant asked, “But how are you feeling?”
  • “I’m fine, really. I remember going to the bathroom that day, but the wine stains refused to come off. I went straight home after that,” replied Nicole nonchalantly.
  • Levant was surprised to hear her response.
  • Is that so? She had no reaction to the drugs in the wine? Does she have some kind of drug resistance, maybe?
  • Levant chuckled. No matter, it’s all for the best.
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