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Chapter 532 Making Plans

  • However, what Nicole said was not unreasonable in any way.
  • Evan reckoned that it would be necessary to find a bodyguard for Nicole in the future. Someone who could follow her around and see to her safety when he could not.
  • Back to the situation at hand, the pair began to go through the events that Sylphiette described.
  • “Sylphiette wasn’t a complete bust. There was something she said that was somewhat useful—Your mother was pregnant when she married Zane. And Zane married her to get your grandfather’s help. It was a marriage of convenience, essentially.”
  • “You’re right,” said Nicole thoughtfully. “My mother may not have married him willingly. Earlier, Sylphiette said that my mother pined for my biological father but had no feelings for Zane. Rather, she felt sorry for him. I think that’s why she decided to take all the blame when Zane hit your grandmother.”
  • “Your mother had no feelings for Zane, and I think Zane felt the same way about your mother,” said Evan. “Otherwise, why would he have a child with Sylvia?”
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