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Chapter 501 As If You Have Been Here Before

  • “She learned it before! In fact, your mother was used to be Wesley Monroe’s disciple. Otherwise, why would a renowned acupuncture master accept you as a student?”
  • Nicole remained silent. She thought back to the coincidental meeting with Wesley and the treatment she received once she was accepted as a student.
  • Both Rocky and I are Wesley Monroe’s disciples yet I’m obviously treated much better than him. The only reason why my skills exceeded Rocky’s is because I was taught secret techniques.
  • All this time I thought it was because Lady Luck was on my side. But, could it be that what Levant is saying is true?
  • “Was my mother really Wesley Monroe’s student? Why did she learn acupuncture with him? Why didn’t she ever mention this to me?”
  • Levant’s expression darkened.
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