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Chapter 50 An Interesting Discovery

  • Juan was tired of waiting for a reply and he soon fell asleep on the bed.
  • Evan looked at Kyle who had his eyes shut tight. He sat down in front of the bed and tried to comfort him, saying, “Kindergarten is a new environment for you. You’ll take a while to adjust, but once you do, things will improve.” Evan reached out and stroked his injured face.
  • “Seeing as you’ve already used the best medicine, you’ll get better. Let this be a lesson to you, got it?”
  • Kyle ignored him and continued to feign being asleep. Evan leaned over and gently kissed his forehead. After tucking him in, he left the room.
  • Kyle watched the tall, stalwart figure disappear from view. In his heart, he knew that his Daddy loved him.
  • He secretly picked up his smartwatch and deleted the text that he had meant to send to Juan.
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