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Chapter 499 He Is Back

  • “Caught me?” Sheila couldn’t recall what she was doing at such a place in her drunken state. She paused before pointing at Nicole. “She’s a woman. It’s fine since we’re both women.”
  • Davin stared at her as she pointed at Nicole and slapped her hand. “That’s our sister-in-law. Don’t point fingers.”
  • Sheila gave it some thought and responded, “You’re right... No, no. I came here to drink with Nicole, but what are you doing here? Looking for women?”
  • “No, I’m looking for a group of men.”
  • The look in Sheila’s eyes suddenly changed. “Y-You’re interested in men? Y-You...”
  • “No, I found out that the board members who are constantly stirring trouble for me at work are here. So I’m here to take some pictures of them.”
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