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Chapter 477 He Should Be Home By Now

  • Howie pondered a moment and replied, “I did everything I could to investigate the accident, and I just want to do my part to inform Mr. Russell about the truth.”
  • Evan did not believe a single word he said.
  • “Really? You said you’re Zane’s close friend, and that’s why you helped his daughter. Yet, Zane was the culprit of the accident. In fact, you’ve betrayed Zane when you told my Grandpa about this. This doesn’t make sense at all! You must have an ulterior motive.”
  • Howie remained as calm as ever and defended himself with another explanation.
  • “I’ll be able to obtain insider information from Sylphiette if she manages to marry you. That was the agreement.”
  • “As for the letter, I just wanted to take that opportunity to strengthen my connection with the Seet Group. Who knows if we might become business partners in the future?”
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