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Chapter 449 I Will Do The Talking

  • “Seet Group? Okay. I’ll be there right away,” Lisa responded as soon as she heard Sofie crying through the phone.
  • She rushed over to Seet Group with Adam.
  • Adam began to grumble about Sofie, wondering how someone like her would ever be able to win Evan over.
  • Lisa turned and glared at him. “If she were capable enough to do everything herself, we wouldn’t be able to control her! We’re helping her precisely because she’s a bimbo! If she ends up marrying Evan, she’ll be our pawn. Helping her now means helping ourselves!”
  • “Okay, okay. Don’t be so loud. Someone might hear us.”
  • “Seriously, why are you such a coward? You keep worrying about what you say. We’ll be able to say whatever we want when we rise to power.”
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