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Chapter 435 Seeking Justice For Her Mom

  • She had heard rumors of Zane fooling around with women outside. However, she never expected him to dare to bring a woman back home, let alone on the day when she headed off overseas!
  • How heartless of him!
  • “You can suffer all you want. However, do you think that it’s worth it to suffer for his sake?”
  • Upon asking this question, Nicole shot a look at Rocky.
  • He understood that it was time for him to act. Striding forward, he was about to approach Sylvia when she suddenly yelled, “I’ll tell you everything! Zane, since you’ve decided to be this heartless, don’t blame me for being equally as cruel too!”
  • “That’s the smart thing to do. My dad can even betray my mom, who’d helped him in building his career. Who are you to him?”
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