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Chapter 434 Acting So Ruthlessly

  • Rocky was not a person who liked to lose his temper easily. Going through many years of silent suffering in his family, Rocky had trained himself to always maintain a good temper. However, when confronted with a woman like Sylvia, he could not help but feel a sense of fury, rising within him.
  • If she continues to insult me in such a manner, there is no need for me to stand on ceremony anymore!
  • Seeing as such, he lifted his leg and aimed a kick at Sylvia.
  • Caught off guard, Sylvia immediately collapsed onto the floor.
  • “Ouch, that hurts! You b*stard! Just you wait!”
  • Sylphiette quickly rushed forward to help Sylvia up. “Are you alright, Mom? Nicole, if you continue with this, I’ll call the police!”
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